If you are interested in sports and especially in boxing as much as we do in 11 Mirrors thеn you will be just thrilled to see this exhibition of Klitschko brothers.

Entering the exhibition, you will enter a world of champions, high achievements, exhausting work and well deserved wins. With the help of super modern multimedia and art show, you will get to know our Champions more: their height, weight and titles, you will see broadcasted the greatest moments from their career, their awards - belts and medals, and learn how dedication and hard work turns dreams into reality. Also, visitors will be offered a wide assortment of souvenirs devoted to the Klitschko brothers.

Moreover, if in order to get to the exhibition you need to come to Kiev – don’t doubt to book hotel in Kyiv city center inspired by one of the brothers Wladimir Klitschko. 11 Mirrors is one of the most luxury hotels in Kyiv and it is situated only 15 minutes’ walk from the NSC Olympiyskiy, where the exhibition takes place. Entrance is free.